Date: 26/04/2018
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There's a story about a one eyed dog walking along a platform where people are waiting for an airport shuttle. Someone in the crowd calls out, "Look at that dog with one eye!" Five people cover one eye as that dog ambles on down the platform.     

The point is that if you see the masses heading in a certain direction, be assured that in all probability, you should be heading in the exact opposite direction for the masses are almost always wrong. We need only look at how many people blindly go for a new fad, or are lulled into poor choices by some personality on television touting the merits of an amazing new gadget that can't stand the strain of unwrapping. Why is this? Why do people do this? Most people just don't want to use their thinker, they would rather follow the crowd believing there is safety in numbers.        

Singer, Ron Kenoly, has a song on his CD, Whose Report Will You Believe?  As I was speaking to a group of people recently, I said that we all have a propensity to follow someone or something, maybe a movement of some kind. Unfortunately, there is no one who is infallible; you follow a person long enough and you will see them tumble from their pedestal. We should respect all people but deify none.

No wise man walks alone, but, we have to be selective when choosing whom we come alongside of.  


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