Date: 22/04/2018
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There are certain Immutable Laws of the Universe that never change, The Law of Gravity for example. If you throw a ball into the air it must come down. A waterfall never falls up.

The number one Law of the Universe is The Law of Divine Oneness: Everything that exists, seen and unseen, is connected to each other, inseparable from each other to a field of Divine Oneness, a Life Force or God.

Some people are using these laws, totally unaware of their power, and are living successful lives. Conversely, there are people who know of these laws, but fail to use them, and are living lives of quiet desperation.

One of these Devine Laws states that eventually everything hidden will come to light. Truth will bust out of the closet and be exposed for what it is. We’ve seen this happen in the political arena time and again as scandals are revealed.

We are currently witnessing this play out in Hollywood where the sordid tales of prominent stars, and some yet unknown hopefuls, are sharing their horrific testimonies concerning a mogul who, for over thirty years, failed to rein in his lust for sex and power.

Richard Foster, in his excellent book, Celebration of Discipline, writes about the three powers that have spirits of their own: Money, Sex and Power. Any one of these – or all – can chain us to our besetting sin. Once we choose to let go the reins on our passions, we sink into the mire of unbridled concupiscence. At this point we become an accomplice to the Prince of Rogues.

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