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John Michael Grogan DD, is a Christian best selling Author, Speaker and Life Changer. To reserve a date to hear his presentation, Your 30 Day Challenge to a Positive Future, call today: 615.758.9713, or, email:

There is a man from history whose name causes revulsion in the minds and hearts of millions. They either shrink back when hearing his name, bristle with anger, or turn away in repudiation. They not only curse his name, but use his name as a curse.  This name cuts to the quic, it divides friends, families, neighbors, marriages, even nations. The great mystery for many is why? Why does this particular name arouse so many diverse emotions? The reason is because it's the most power name in history, and continues to be so today. His name is Jesus (Saviour) Christ (the Annointed One). His name brings souls under conviction and into the light, But many are running from the light.  The tradegy of this is eternal, for the longer we run away from the Son, the longer our shadow grows, until we are in complete darkness. The result is confusion, and confusion is a terrible place to be when considering our eternal destiny. We are either running from God or we are running towards God.

None of us got to choose our earthly father, out of who's loins, we came. But we all have a choice concerning our eternal Father. And, because God did not create automatons, the choice is soley ours. 

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